Missile Wire

MAPES produces Ultra High Tensile Missile Wire you probably couldn’t get anywhere else. Just let us know what you need

Spring Wire

Spring wire comes in many size ranges. We offer many specialty services including straight and cutting, High Carbon cold rolled flat wire.

Wire Packaging

We offer several packaging options to meet your specifications. Large Coils, Catch-Weight Coils, 30″ Reel, 18/22″ Reels, Reel-Less Cores

Mapes is an American manufacturer and we produce round and flat wire for a variety of applications including the automotive, home building, toy, aerospace, military and music industries.


Hydroelectric Electricity

Our plant is powered entirely by eco friendly hydroelectric electricity.

Low Voltage Profile

We've been dedicated to keeping a low voltage profile for decades. Servo motors have been a major part of the plan.


We collect every pound of wire that doesn't make it through our process and we meet daily to reduce scrap and rework. At the end of the year it's sent back for re-smelting.

H2O Treatment Plant

Water is treated here and leaves our facility cleaner than it came to us.

American craftsmanship and ingenuity are still thriving in northeast Tennessee.

Over A Century Of “Made In The USA”

Contact Us

If you want to contact us about any issue our support available to help you 24/7 Monday to Friday.