High Carbon Steel Wire For Mechanical Spring Makers And More

High Carbon Steel Wire For Mechanical Spring Makers And More

MAPES wire can be used for a wide number of commercial and industrial projects.  Most frequently it is bent into springs for high tension applications because it can bear repeated heavy loads.

Some examples are; spring-loaded windows, surgical tools, crafts and hobbies. MAPES spring wire is also used by defense industries in grenade pins, machine guns, mortars, and missile guidance systems. MAPES mechanical spring wire has been used in space shuttles and lunar modules. 

The MAPES Piano String Department is one of the only facilities in the world capable of creating custom piano strings for virtually any piano made over the past 200 years.

We also make guitar wire, cover wire, and musical strings. We are the only facility in the United States that actually makes the whole components of the string. We feel that this, in itself, is paramount to quality control, development, and production.

We offer “private label” options for anyone who wishes to have their own line of strings. Many are not aware that MAPES strings may be on their guitar right now. We have been making musical instrument strings for over a century. Today MAPES continues to be the standard that companies measure themselves against.

“The hallmark of MAPES past success as well as its prospects for the future are 100 years of knowledge and craftsmanship and love of the products made here in America.”– Bill Schaff

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