MAPES Music Wire Types

MAPES Music Wire Types

Mapes produces several kinds of music wire, covering the gamut of customer needs.

  • Microlloy Brand Music Wire: This top of the line phosphate-coated spring wire is certifiable to AMS-5112J and all other music spring wire specifications. It is appropriate for most severe jobs that require extreme tensile uniformity, restricted tensile (high or low), tight size tolerance, extended fatigue life and so on.
  • Cherokee Brand Music Wire: A domestic-quality wire, Cherokee is suitable for most jobs and certifiable to QQ-W-470B, ASTM-A228, AMS5110 and other specifications.
  • CCB Brand Music Wire: Made from rod manufactured by the continuous-cast billet method, CCB offers cost savings by eliminating several operations in steel production. It is certified to ASTM-A228.

Note: The three brands described above are manufactured with phosphate, tin zinc alloy or tin coatings. Tin zinc alloy and tin coatings are applied at finish size, using the hot-dipped method on sizes 0.063 to 0.0008 inch. Electro-tin drawn is available in sizes 0.022 to 0.006 inch.

  • WX Brand Music Wire: WX is ideal for less-demanding uses or when the requirements are less stringent. It has not had a prior heat-treatment process.
  • Missile Wire: This product is super-high-tensile specialty wire, custom-made to individual spring makers’ needs.
  • Cold-rolled square and flat wire: These offerings are usually manufactured to individual customers’ specifications.

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