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Mapes Piano String Co
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Cameron DeanCameron Dean
17:04 04 Apr 23
Always extremely customer oriented with attention carefully paid to custom requirements as necessary
Evan J. RobertsEvan J. Roberts
17:21 09 Nov 22
I love working with Mapes, they are very friendly and easy to work with.
O KhayyamO Khayyam
15:09 17 May 22
An easy and congenial company to do business with BUT their piano bass strings (those strings with wound copper wire on a steel core wire) are unreliable and entirely unsatisfactory AND Mapes does not care about this poor quality.Specific: I ordered a complete set of bass strings for my grand piano to replace the original strings of 50 years that had developed longitudinal harmonics (the whaa-raspy sound that covers the melodic, proper and expected tonal quality of each bass note). 15 months from installation 3 bichords developed this problem, by 17 months, fully 50% of all wound strings developed this defective sound. They sounded worse than the original bass strings. This inharmonicity cannot be removed by tuning or other devices.I called Mapes and asked what they will do. I expected Mapes to offer replacements. Instead the workman who took my call, said there is no policy - a polite way of saying too bad.I would neither purchase from Mapes, nor purchase a piano with Mapes strings. $1,000 between strings and labor to install flushed away.UPDATE: May 17 2022 - Mapes tnx for responding to my post. Prior to castigating you I called you and explained the problem as diagnosed by my piano technician (a technician NOT a tooner) as longitudinal harmonics, and he suggested replacing the set. When I spoke with your representative in TN and asked 'What is your policy for replacement of a less than 1 year old set?' he responded we do not do this.
Johnny PackardJohnny Packard
03:01 21 Nov 19
Their banjo strings are some of the best in the business. Their customer service is even better though. Eric and his team will treat you right! I’m a customer for life.
Ryan LeGrandRyan LeGrand
18:37 27 Jun 19
I've had some billing errors with them through their online system, to the point where made string sets were sitting in the factory but they couldn't process the payment because the time between the start of the order and completion was to long.But the real kicker for me was when I had a time sensitive order, purchased expadited shipping, and then had the package sent to the wrong address (everything was right on my end). That error unfortunately lost me the client, a headache trying to figure out what on earth happened (they don't send tracking info),To make matters worse, I got the runaround from the staff, and they refused to compensate me for the loss of the job!